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maggie reilly歌手简介

Maggie Reilly 麦琪·莱莉,耳熟能详的《Moonlight Shadow》最早版本原唱歌手。当年她是新世纪音乐大师 Mike Oldfield 的当家客座主唱。
Maggie Reilly 生于1956年的苏格兰,天生拥有一副迷死人的好嗓音,70年代初期加入了蓝调团体 Cado Belle 此团并不长命随后就解散了,直到1979年她遇到了Mike Oldfield后,才开启的她音乐事业的高峰。她应邀参与了《QE2》专辑的录制,甜美的嗓音立刻受到了乐迷的关注。82年 Mike Oldfield 的专辑《Crises》中一首纪念 John Lennon 的《Moonlight Shadow》,让 Maggie Reilly 立刻成为全球知名的乐手。
在当时信息封闭的年代,这样的嗓音只闻其声不见其人,心中总是对这位女主唱充满了一种莫名的期待。一直到了后来1992年,Maggie Reilly 终于出版了她的个人演唱专辑《Echoes》,此时才得以见到她的庐山真面目。当然会有那么一点失望,不过仍不失她在乐迷心目中的地位,因为她的声音永远地那么动听。
1992年她发布了她的首演独奏册《Echoes》,1993年《Midnight Sun》,1996年《Elana》,2007年《Rowan》。

maggie reilly专辑曲目

01. Everytime We Touch
02. Tears in the Rain
03. Echoes
04. You'll Never Lose
05. Gaia
06. Real World
07. I'm Sorry
08. Wait
09. What About Tomorrows Children
10. Only a Fool
11. I Know That I Need You
12. Everytime We Touch (Long Version)
Midnight Sun曲目:
01. Follow the Midnight Sun
02. So Much More
03. Every Single Heartbeat
04. Oh My Heart
05. Tell Me
06. Don't Wanna Lose
07. I Won't Turn Away
08. Angel Tears / Silver on the Tree
09. Sunlight
10. Only Love
11. Once in a While
12. All My Heart Can Hold
13. Wind on the Water
01. Walk on By
02. To France
03. Twinkle, Twinkle, Little Star
04. Little Boy's Eyes (Fionn's Song)
05. U Brightened Up the Darkness
06. Listen to Your Heart
07. Syonia
08. In the Heat of the Night
09. Elena
10. Brought Up to Believe
11. Torn Between Lovers
12. He Moved Through the Fair
13. As Darkness Falls
01. Away Wi' the Faeries
02. Once I Had a Sweetheart
03. Heartsong
04. The Star
05. Promises
06. All Things Are Quite Silent / Forever
07. Who Knows Where the Time Goes
08. Trees They Do Grow High
09. Cam Ye O'er Frae France
10. Miss You
11. Wild Mountain Thyme
12. Once I Had a Sweetheart (Acoustic)
13. Heartsong (Acoustic)
14. The Lowlands of Holland (Acoustic)
15. Away Wi' the Faeries (Acoustic)
16. May You Never (Acoustic)
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